Committing to your New Year’s resolution

Committing to your New Year’s resolution

The new year is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and make those life changes that you may have been putting off. Whether it’s losing weight, getting out of debt, or being more charitable, the calendar turning over can be the best time to kick a bad habit or form a good one. But we have all had those resolutions that don’t pan out and are forgotten before February. Here are a few New Year’s resolutions, and steps you can take to make sure they stick so that you’re living life to the fullest. And at Alliance, we offer the ultimate lifestyle experience to support you in your pursuit of happiness in the new year. #AllianceUltimateChill

Slimming down

This resolution is one that will keep your local gym packed for the month of January, so you’re certainly not alone in trying to drop those excess holiday pounds. However, it’s easy to lose confidence before you lose weight so it’s important to keep your success in perspective and realize that the process may not be a quick one. A good way to keep this resolution up is to plan ahead and have anything you need ready. Research meal plans, look into a gym that suits your needs and have a workout schedule ready for January 1 to make sure you’re ready for swimsuit season.

Getting Out of Debt

Getting out of debt can be an intimidating endeavor for a resolution, but it may be the most rewarding thing you can do to start the year. Having a large amount of debt can be too much of a burden for anyone to go through, and getting out from under it can be the fresh start you’re looking for. To ensure that you can keep on track with this resolution, it’s important to set a budget with as much detail as possible. Keeping close detail on all of your expenses will allow you to plan on how much you can spend bringing your debt down.

Being More Charitable

A New Year’s resolution does not need to be entirely self-serving. While it is a good time of year to make changes in your life, those changes can be in how you interact with others. One good way to make an impact is to be charitable with your time or money. Whether it’s finding your local soup kitchen and volunteering your time, or making a donation to a charity you support, finding ways to give back will give you a sense of community responsibility that can start your year out on the right foot.
Whatever goals and resolutions you set for yourself this month, just remember to have a plan, be persistent, and have patience. Make your resolutions public and share them with us in the comment section!

Committing to your New Year’s resolution
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